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liege kiosk at lisboeta Try me. Eat me. Love me! HOMEMADE High quality ingredients, a dedicated and highly skilled baking team, a passion for excellence. Those values allow you to bring you only the best. SHOP NOW making liege waffles Try me. Eat me. Love me! Traditional Original recipes. Attention to details. Unique taste. SHOP NOW espresso brewing Try me. Eat me. Love me! Intense Texture. Fragrance. Flavour. Intense sensations you will experience at every bite and every sip. SHOP NOW


Liège is an artisan company that makes fine traditional Belgian waffles and biscuits.

Our recipes, transmitted from generation to generation, originated in the XVIII century when new spices were discovered and traded from Asia to Europe. It is then that the Prince of Liège, for the wedding of his daughter, required from his Master Artisan to produce a pastry that would be as crunchy as soft – The Belgian Waffle.

The unique pearl sugar, Asian spices and ancestral know-how gave light to a range of typical delights. It is this 300 year old rich heritage that Liège brings to all through fine waffles, biscuits and cookies.

pearl sugar
waffle with ice-cream and strawberry


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    A variety of hampers and gift box options to delight your guests.

    liege gift box

    A beautiful Liège waffle gift box with a variety of 25 Belgian waffles including original, white Belgian chocolate waffles, dark Belgian chocolate waffles, and other fun decorated waffles.

    liege hamper

    Perfect for birthday parties, weddings, office parties and all sort of occasions. Coming in original or fantasy version, and in all sizes. The waffle hamper really makes the difference.

    liege packed waffle box

    Ideal for meetings, parties or as a give away. The packed waffle gift box contains 15 individually packed delicious original Belgian mini-waffles.


    Authentic Belgium Waffle! As I'm a sweet lover and have been visited Belgium many times, somehow I found @liège waffle are more delicious than many waffle shops I've tried in Belgium! One thing you'll need to be noticed,after trying @liège waffle, you'll find the others are undersatisfied! I warn you already

    Chanok Som Pisapak Thailand

    They are so delicious !!! Feeling at home when i eat them! Thank you!

    Steffi Perdreau Belgium

    In Belgium, when one goes to fresh food markets, there is usually a food truck selling waffles based on the city of Liege recipe. The outside is of golden caramelized color while the inside is soft, providing a tasty, sweet and comforting snack at any time of the day. Finally, this food experience is available in Macau in Broadway and Park n'Shop in Taipa. The quality is top notch, served with a smile and there is even a loyalty card. Several toppings make it possible to custom-make one's own waffle. Indulge in this delicious treat!

    Baudouin Neirynck Belgium

    Beware!!! There's always space in your stomach for another one! Their fresh made waffles are crispy outside and moist on the inside with the selections of toppings (strawberry, chocolate, raspberry and Nutella) they'll just melt in your mouth. Truly Belgian!!!

    Avy Freud United States

    One is never enough. Even you are full, you will always want more once you taste it. So yummy. I used the waffles for my love's birthday. Everyone loved it and finished straight away and sadly I didn't get a piece. Gladly it's located in Park'n shop. So, while I was doing the grocery shopping the next day, I made up for not having a piece during the birthday party. Oh I'm salivating while I'm typing this. Gonna go eat more Belgium Waffles.

    Bolormaa Ganbold Mongolia

    Very delicious waffles , this is my favourite waffles in Macau , all the time when I walk by the Liege , I need to buy one .

    Rebecca Lei Macao, China

    This is first time I likes to eat waffles only Belgian waffles.. I enjoy every time I eat this Belgian waffles as the texture was good and taste a bit like bread but is not a bread, and the pearls sugar makes it perfect match .. I like it when first time I taste it and is unforgettable taste and it will makes u addicted with it!! ADDICTED!!! ENJOY IT EVERYONE!! Recommend it, SHOULD TRY IT!!

    Carrie Lai Malaysia

    After one bite, I'm hooked! Slightly crisp on the outside, soft and moist on the inside with a perfect amount of sweetness already infused into the waffle. These are the best waffles I've had anywhere, including Belgium or the US. Bear in mind however, these are a dense, pre-sweetened type of waffle. They are different from the extremely light and crunchy style of waffle. I tried the one with the Belgian chocolate inside and found it too sweet for my taste. My daughter loved it plain or just with some whipped cream.

    Martin Lee United States

    It's nice to have something "authentic" from home so close. Makes me feel less homesick

    Marc Vernaeve Belgium

    My two boys need no encouragement when it comes to indulging our taste buds with your Belgium waffles - ever since the first time we taste-tested some samples cooked by Jeremy using his secret recipe. Delicious - and I especially like the small bite size ones too. A must-have treat in Macau. Bravo.

    Campbell McLean New-Zealand

    My girl ate 8 small waffles yesterday! She was so happy 😃 It's the best waffles that I have had for years

    Helene Wong France

    Very delicious, we have become addicted to them.........glad you have special offers, but all of them still get eaten straight away.

    Samantha Wong Macao, China

    The traditional waffle is delicious and I love it! The service is great and the staffs are nice! Best waffle ever!

    Wani Fong Macao, China

    Just had the April special Easter waffle dark chocolate dipped- it was so delicious. Melt in your mouth perfect. I don't care for sweet waffles usually but this was amazing. So tasty. If you are a dark chocolate lover looking for a treat. It's the best.

    Kel Wilton New Zealand

    Liege waffle is one my favorite waffle in my life. Everytime i try to take a photo before i ate but never success . one is not enough for me even just choose the classic waffle . Lets try it n u will know im not a liar=)

    Natasha Cheung Hong Kong, China


    Liège @ The Londoner: Level 2 Shop 2119a - Liège @ The Lisboeta: Level 1 by the car park escalator - Liège @ ParknShop: Opposite the cashier - Liège @ The Broadway: on the Broadway Street by the Theatre entrance.

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